Saturday, February 1, 2014

Catch up with Myke Phoenix

The first Monday of the month is when a new ebook adventure of Myke Phoenix arrives, and this month is no exception. Night of the Superstorm will be available at Amazon and Kobo Monday morning.

It's Gilligan's Island meets Key Largo, only instead of Edward G. Robinson waiting upstairs for the skipper and friends, it's ... well, find out for yourself.

In these final hours before the big reveal, you have time to catch up to this little saga. I've designed Myke Phoenix to be a quick read – at 10,000 words, these are basically graphic novels without the graphics, pulp fiction without the pulp (because, of course, you need paper to have pulp – or, actually, vice versa – and these are ebooks).

So here's your chance to grab the new adventures of Myke Phoenix:

  • The Song of the Serial Kisser for Kindle or other ereaders.
  • Firespiders for Kindle or others.
  • Invasion of the Body Borrowers for Kindle or others.
  • Then, come Monday, there'll be links to Night of the Superstorm for Kindle or others – actually, you can pre-order for non-Kindle today and save a step Monday.

I am spending the weekend finishing up on the fifth chapter in this current series – which means the new adventures will officially have one more full-length story than the originals – Duck Man Walking, which features the return of the legendary villain Quincy Quackenbos, as you've never seen him before. But that's a tale to tell on March 3; this is February.

You've been waiting for the perfect time to check out the proverbial Myke Phoenix revolution. This is a pretty good time right here!

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