Saturday, February 8, 2014

The market has spoken

The idea behind charging $1.29 for my marvelous Myke Phoenix single adventures was to differentiate these tales from the 99-cent crowd. There are several thousand boatloads of 99-cent ebooks out there. In my humble opinion you’ll definitely get an extra 30 cents more excitement out of a Myke Phoenix yarn than from the average 99-cent investment.

Well, the market has spoken. From the results of my experiment, the going rate for a 10,000-word adventure story apparently is 99 cents, the lowest price the builders of the ebook infrastructure will allow. And that does make sense in hindsight; no matter how amazing the quality I try to inject into these tales, the quantity is still a long short story or a very short novella.

Thusly, effective immediately that’s the price of a single Myke Phoenix story, except of course for Our Best Hope: The Origin of Myke Phoenix, which is available for free when you subscribe to the occasional Myke newsletter Astor City Beacon. As for the 99-cents price point, think of it as $1.29 worth of entertainment for 23 percent off!

So here is The Song of the Serial Kisser, the story of an odd maniac who can’t stop sneaking up on women and planting an unwanted warm wet one on their lips – and what happens when a vigilante crowd decides to teach him a lesson. Now a mere 99 cents at the Amazon Kindle Store and Kobo (for Nook, iPad, etc.).

And here is Firespiders, the saga of the fire-spitting giant spiders that interrupt the calm of Astor City as only fire-spitting giant spiders can do. An astonishingly low 99 cents at Amazon and Kobo.

In this corner is Invasion of the Body Borrowers, the eerie tale of zombification and visitors from beyond the stars that has fans of 1950s science fiction screaming for more. Comic books aren’t 10 cents anymore like they were back then, but you can find this thriller at Amazon and Kobo for less than a buck.

And of course there’s the latest installment, Night of the Superstorm. It was supposed to be a three-hour river cruise, but it turned into a tense night in an abandoned mansion haunted not by ghosts but by – well, you’ll see. Again, just 99 cents at Amazon or Kobo.

Coming up March 3 is Duck Man Walking. One of Myke Phoenix’s most impossible foes, the half-man-half-duck Quincy Quackenbos, is released from prison. Rumor has it that after years of trying he cracked the code and has developed the formula that can kill Myke Phoenix. Are the rumors true? You’ll find out March 3 for the impossible price of 99 cents.

The folks who have discovered Myke Phoenix tell me they’re having as much fun reading the stories as I have writing them. Want to join that crowd? You look like someone who enjoys smiling and being entertained. Just click on any of the links above to get started.

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