Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pre-order 'Night of the Superstorm'

Night of the Superstorm, a k a The New Adventures of Myke Phoenix #4, is now available for pre-order at for those who read with iPad, Nook, or any other non-Kindle device. Amazon does not yet allow pre-orders for indie authors, so Kindlers will have to wait.

The story will be released Feb. 3 in exchange for your hard-earned $1.29. Here's the blurb for it:

The storm of the century strikes Astor City, just after Dana Dunsmore embarks on a three-hour riverboat cruise; with her are the boat's skipper, the first mate, a millionaire and his wife, a stunning blonde who looks like a movie star, and a professor.

"Oh my stars," Dana said to herself. "I'm Mary Ann."

The storm wrecks the ship on Big Island, where the refugees find their way into a deserted mansion – and there a criminal genius is searching for hidden treasure with his gang of hoodlums. The refugees' only hope – though they little suspect it – lies in the fact that Dana is married to the man whose alter ego is Myke Phoenix, protector of Astor City and force for good in the universe.

This is the fourth episode in the New Adventures of Myke Phoenix, the monthly series  that brings you pulp fiction without the pulp, graphic novels without the graphics, and the inevitable triumph of whimsy over the bad guys.

Pre-order Night of the Superstorm here.

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