Friday, May 29, 2015

Planning for winter in the early throes of summer

It is not pessimism to stand drinking in the warm air and smelling the green smells while considering a time when this same vibrant land will be stark and covered with cold white snow and ice. For the winter will come.

We have a finite amount of time to till and cultivate and grow and create and harvest. It is a long time — time a-plenty to grow and build — but not an infinite time.

No time to waste on petty pursuits, or efforts that will prematurely destroy and end life. No, this season is for creation and construction. No time to waste on destruction of another's work or creation.

There is room for all of us to be. There is time to shine in the sun and run like the wind through the green and the warm, knowing full well that the white and the cold are coming to this very same place. Let these days be about life and love.

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Jude, hey. said...

Excellent thought to carry with us these luscious, warm days, Warren - grow and build and share the bounty and other's successes while we may. I will keep this in my revery as I relish SUMMER, which I so deeply enjoy.