Saturday, February 9, 2013

Let me entertain you: My fiction is free this weekend

I have a special gift for you this weekend, through the magic of Amazon’s KDP Select program for independent authors: All of my fiction available for Kindle is free for the asking.

That comprises four ebooks, two from a very long time ago and two from the very recent past. They will be free Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 9-10, so the time to introduce your Kindle reader to my work is now:

The Imaginary Revolution: The memoirs of Ray Kaliber, who, after a violent revolution on Sirius 4 merely replaced the old boss with a very similar new boss, showed the path to a nonviolent revolution and then asked the key question: “Why do we need a government at all?” Released Dec. 15, 2012, and usually available for an already reasonable $4.99. Today and Sunday: Free.

The Imaginary Bomb: The first of my novels set in the world of imaginary physics follows space truckers Bob Whelan, Pete Wong and Baxter Hetznecker as they are caught up in the struggle among the builders of a bomb as powerful as the imagination, the noble souls who want to stop them, and a gang that wants to use the bomb for its own purposes. Written in 1988, revised and released 2008, and usually a mere 99 cents. Even better, today and Sunday: Free.

The Adventures of Myke Phoenix: Paul Phillips walks into an antique store with his girlfriend and walks out as Earth’s best hope in the fight against evil. These first four stories in the Myke Phoenix canon were written around 1990, released for the first time in 2008, and currently available exclusively for Kindle for an astonishing $2.79. Today and Sunday represents the only time I expect to offer this seminal work for free.

The Song of the Serial Kisser: Someone is kissing the women of Astor City, and Myke Phoenix has to stop him before someone else does. Loosely based on the classic motion picture M except a tad less serious, this adventure released Jan. 17 is the first new Myke Phoenix adventure in two decades – but it won’t be the last. A quick read at less than 10,000 words, so it and its successors cost just 99 cents. Today and Sunday, the deal is even tastier: Free.

Monday the regular prices return, so the time to act is now. And keep an eye out for the next new Myke Phoenix story, Firespiders, coming soon to a Kindle-enabled device near you!

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