Saturday, February 16, 2013

Get yer free Firespiders here

My latest little adventure story for you is an echo of the tales that caught my fancy as a youth: Giant ants terrorizing a southwestern desert and the sewers of Los Angeles. Prehistoric beasts strolling through Tokyo and London. Powerful men in colorful costumes protecting a city from unusual dangers.

This is the second new adventure of Myke Phoenix, an ordinary man called by mysterious forces to inhabit the body of a mighty warrior in times of special need. His old adventures were written more than 20 years ago when I envisioned a monthly comic-book-length story not unlike the Doc Savage pulp novels I enjoyed a little later in my youth. I finished four stories and tinkered with several more, but I had no practical way to share them with you.

In 2008 the power of the Internet allowed me to take the stories off the shelf and publish The Adventures of Myke Phoenix. For a time, that was that, but Myke wouldn’t stay on the shelf like some dusty vase.

A month ago he came back to stop The Song of the Serial Kisser, and here he is again battling Firespiders. Another tale is whispering to be told in a few more weeks.

Firespiders is free on Kindle this weekend, today and Sunday. I’d be honored to have the opportunity to take you to Astor City, where huge fire-breathing arachnids are disturbing the calm and only a big guy in a white costume can stop them. On Monday I will be asking a modest donation of 99 cents for the same opportunity, but today and Sunday I’d like to give you this mini-book as a gift to you from the young man who enjoyed stories like this so much so long ago. Enjoy!

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