Friday, November 18, 2011

The scrap of dialogue that defines the lead character of my novel in progress

“But they’ll kill you! You’ll die!”

“I’m going to die anyway, someday,” replied Raymond Douglas Kaliber. “So I may as well do the right thing until then.”



1. Love your neighbor as yourself.
2. Interact with love — not force or violence.
3. Give more than you receive.


And, as one final teaser, The Imaginary Revolution will open with this quote:
It is because peaceful agitation and passive resistance are, in Liberty’s hands, weapons more deadly to tyranny than any others that I uphold them, and it is because brute force strengthens tyranny that I condemn it.
War and authority are companions; peace and liberty are companions.

The methods and necessities of war involve arbitrary discipline and dictatorship. So-called “war measures” are almost always violations of rights.

Even war for liberty is sure to breed the spirit of authority, with aftereffects unforeseen and incalculable.

Benjamin R. Tucker
Liberty, Vol. IV, No. 7
July 31, 1886
It is my fond hope to have this book, which has been bouncing around my brain for four or five years, in your hands early in 2012.

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