Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The most effective Super Bowl commercials

Because I need a life, I wrote down all of the ads that ran during Sunday's Super Bowl game and took notes on my instant reaction. I came to an interesting conclusion about which ones were the most effective.

Briefly, here are my favorite ads – not necessarily the most effective.
1. The lost puppy rescued from the wild by his Budweiser Clydesdale friend.
2. Bryan Cranston as Breaking Bad's Walter White in a pharmacy for esurance.
3. Pete Rose "in the hall" of his own home for Skechers.
4. A public service announcement about what it means to do things "Like a Girl."
5. Centenarians speak words of wisdom for Dodge, founded in 1914. "You learn a lot in 100 years."

But the most effective? Jeff Bridges sitting in a chair, running his finger around the edge of an earthen mug, and chanting like a Gregorian monk, with the subtitle "www.DreamingWithJeff.com."

Why is this the most effective, at least for me? Because later that night I went to DreamingWithJeff.com to find out what the heck that commercial was about. I learned about Squarespace and will consider using the product when I get around to redesigning my websites.

And that's the point of spending millions on a single television ad, right? To recoup your investment by making sales. To motivate the viewer to act.

Honorable mention: The trailers for Tomorrowland, an interesting-looking movie I was only dimly aware of, and for Terminator: Genisys, which I wasn't inclined to go watch but now might.

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