Thursday, April 3, 2014

4 days to go - In the nick of time

It is with considerable relief that I can now announce there need be no delay in the April 7 release date for The Puzzle of the Talking Dinosaur, the sixth in the current 12-story series of Adventures of Myke Phoenix, protector of Astor City and super guy extraordinaire.

I will spend the next three days reviewing and preparing this story-you-must-read-if-you-read-no-other-Myke-Phoenix-story for its scheduled release Monday at Amazon and Kobo.

Thank you for your patience this past week as I suspended all other musings about the world to concentrate on wrestling the dinosaur to the ground and extracting her story to share with the world. It has been an interesting exercise that taught me a few things about what it will take to get back on schedule and complete the entire arc on time. I am a fool for asking a mere 99 cents for this amazing tale, but it is no surprise to me that I am a fool.

I certainly encourage you to take advantage of the links in the right column to introduce yourself to the legend of Myke Phoenix. I try to write these stories in such a way that you can join in at any time, but why deprive yourself of the pleasure of the entire journey?

Objective: Release The Puzzle of the Talking Dinosaur on April 7
This morning's output: 1,456 words, finished first draft.
Session: Approximately 2 hours.
Total words to date: 13,555 (goal 13,500)  

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