Thursday, March 27, 2014

Talking dinosaur update 2

A breakthrough today: Act 3 finally finished, I sat down to map out the remaining three acts – only to discover Act 5 was fated to slow the action and drag down the story.

"Kill your darlings," said William Faulkner, who knew a bit more about writing than I do. By proceeding straight from the horrifying climax of Act 4 into the astonishing climax of the entire tale, without meandering somewhat aimlessly through a fifth act, the story gains a punch that it didn't quite have until now.

Not much actual writing today, but better: I gained an improved plan, and the fog has lifted over the final leg of the journey.

Objective: Release The Puzzle of the Talking Dinosaur on April 7
This morning's output: 107 words, finished with Act 3 of 5.
Session: Approximately 40 minutes.
Total words to date: 6,656 (goal 13,500)

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