Thursday, June 6, 2013

7 paragraphs about negotiating the winds of change

Live intentionally. How do you fulfill your mission? On purpose. So stay on purpose.

Is it time for a change? Too late; while you were asking the question, everything changed.

Ride the wind, they say. But what is the wind? An ever-shifting maelstrom of interactions, some intentional, mostly random, some proactive, mostly reactive. The intentional and proactive can influence the direction of the maelstrom somewhat – ride the wind, and keep a hand on the tiller.

Take time to learn. But not too much time; what you've learned has already changed.

The wind howls. Ride the wind. But what is the wind?

Where does the story begin? How do you know to end it, and when?

Only you can determine those answers. Consider them carefully, but find an answer. In the time you've taken to think about it, everything has changed.

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